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Kebiliththa Routes

There are four main routes to visit Maha siyabalawa devalaya (Kebiliththa).

kebiliththa map

Kebiliththa map

Route 1 (through Kumana)

Kumana -> Kuda Kabaliththa -> Ada Kumbuka -> Gal amuna -> Kabiliththa


Route 2 (through Yala Block ii)

Yala -> Block ii -> cross Kumbukkan Oya -> Kuda Kabalithth -> Ada Kumbuka -> Gal amuna -> Kebaliththa


Route 3 (through Monaragala-Kotiyagala)

Monaragala -> Kodayana -> 5 Kanuwa(5th Post) -> Kotiyagala -> Bogas hanidiya road or Kammal yaya road -> Kabaliththa

Yala map

Yala map


Route 4 (through Galge)

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